The CBT Programme

This programme gives you access to resources, videos and exercises that will provide you with the education and techniques to make change happen in your life. In addition to the CBT resources you will also get a few added extras from a hypnotherapist, breathing expert, personal trainer and a few more along the way. I want you to leave this programme with all the skills required to manage your own health, so you can build the life you desire and deserve to have.

Anxiety In Children Online


For Parents. This workshop is a short presentation explaining childhood anxiety and how CBT can help you to support your child at home. It provides downloadable resources for you to start to use straight away. The aim of this workshop is to help you to feel more confident in supporting your child through this difficult time.

CBT for Self-Esteem Online Programme

Do you lack self-esteem and want to finally learn how to overcome it?

Do you want to start to live a life where you feel free from doubt and worry?

Do you want to feel good enough, so you no longer fear putting yourself out there?

Do you want to learn to love that person you see in the mirror?

Well I share my knowledge and the proven CBT techniques, which will help you to achieve this.

This 6 session workshop will educate and support you in understanding self-esteem and provide you with the tools and techniques to change your relationship with yourself for good!