Well-being Training Provider


If you are a school or organisation and feel your team would benefit from learning techniques and interventions for working with a specific group, or to improve their own well-being, then please get in touch.

I offer individual well-being packages tailored to your specific needs. For example; training days, or team meetings. The contents of the training are tailored to suit the needs of each organisation or team, so that your staff’s precious time is spent learning relevant and practical skills.

Due to having invaluable experience in the education sector, I specialise in supporting and educating both schools and parents, in improving the well being of our young people. 

• Mental health awareness

• Anxiety in Children 

• Stress at work and how to reduce it

• Dealing with worry

• Managing low mood and depression

• Managing anxiety and panic

• Recognising, supporting and dealing with mental health in the workplace

• Managing social anxiety

• Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

• Building self-confidence using compassion

• Building self-worth and self-esteem

Please contact me to arrange a no obligation chat to discuss your team’s needs and whether I may be able to provide a relevant training.